On Site H&S Requirements


Site Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)

The rebuild of Canterbury following the major earthquakes throughout 2011 has led to a change in thinking as to how on site workplace Health and Safety is managed.

Subcontractors conducting building construction work are required to have their own Health and Safety plan (or manual).

In addition to this a separate Site Specific Safety Plan may now be required that includes some form of site hazard risk assessment to identify and control the hazards that are specific to the site.

Because the SSSP procedure is seen by many to be a new concept it can take a bit of getting used to. In fact it’s been around for ages. We just haven’t been asked to document it to this extent.

Health and Safety Systems Ltd offers a simple SSSP that includes on site risk assessment forms.
We call these forms Pre Start forms. They allow you to quickly identify, manage and control significant hazards at each site.

We can provide a complete Health and Safety plan for your business that includes a SSSP. The safety plan is designed to be user friendly and simple to use. We provide backup service and support as well.

As a contractor involved in or considering building construction work your typical “Must Have” Health and Safety requirements to qualify for preferential contractor status are:

A Safety Plan or Safety Manual (It’s the same thing really)
A Site Specific Safety Plan
A Site Safe Passport